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Project For Babies Educates Legislators on the Importance of Prenatal - 3 in Three States




Public Engagement & Political Will Building

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ZERO TO THREE Policy Center state updates




The Project for Babies has helped legislators and other state and community leaders in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota understand the science of early childhood development and its implications for policy. The Project’s goal is to improve the health and developmental outcomes for very young children, with special attention to the impact of early experiences and relationships on the life course. Project staff incorporate many strategies to achieve this goal: hosting meetings on research and policy for state legislators and agency staff, conducting studies on the wellbeing of infants and toddlers in the region, and convening dialogues with state and community stakeholders to explore ways of integrating the science into programs, practice, and systems change.
When engaging leaders, the Project for Babies focuses on three important areas of research:
• Neurobiology – The first three years of life are vital for brain development. Early experiences affect the very architecture of the brain.
• Adversity – Adverse childhood experiences increase the risk for negative impacts on individuals’ health and development throughout their lives.
• Resilience – Families and communities can help foster children’s resilience.
The Project for Babies began as a special initiative of the Bush and Minnesota Community Foundation. It moved to the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development in July 2011. The Project conducts work with several partners, including the Children's Defense Fund-MN, Council of State Governments Midwest, Frameworks Institute, Minnesota Communities Caring for Children, the University of Minnesota, Wilder Research, tribal entities, consultants David Cournoyer and Sheila Kiscaden, and philanthropy. The Project recently released an educational video on The Importance of the Early Years, which can be viewed at
The Project turned over its work to various other initiatives at CEED in 2014

Web Site: 

http://www.cehd.umn. edu/ceed/projects/pr ojectforbabies/defau lt.html


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