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Ohio Created an Early Education and Development Officer Position in 2011




Social and Emotional Health, Governance/Leadership, Quality Improvement, Accountability & Evaluation

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ZERO TO THREE Policy Center state updates



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To coordinate state efforts to improve children’s readiness for school, Ohio Governor John Kasich created an Early Education and Development Officer position within the Governor’s Office of 21st Century Education in October 2011. The officer oversees the development and implementation of a comprehensive kindergarten readiness assessment process that includes academic, social and emotional, and physical health measures of readiness. He/she is also responsible for taking a number of actions to improve the overall performance of the early childhood system, such as: including outcome and performance measures within the statewide quality rating and improvement system (QRIS); ensuring all publicly funded, licensed early learning and development providers are part of the QRIS; evaluating and implementing innovative financing strategies that support high quality services; and engaging parents as resources in the development of state policies and programs. To achieve these goals, the officer l works through, and in conjunction with, the many state agencies that serve young children to break down silos and institute an outcomes-oriented approach.

An Early Education and Development Innovation Committee has also been established to support the systems work. The committee advises the governor and the officer on methods to mobilize business partnerships; opportunities to bring private-sector tools and resources to early education and development; and methods to disseminate information to community and state leaders. The committee consists of five members appointed by the governor: two leaders from the business community, one from the philanthropic community, one from the research community, and one from a children’s health care organization.
Angel Rhodes currently serves as Early Education and Development Officer in the
Governor’s Office of 21st Century Education.

To learn more about Ohio’s plans for improving its early learning and development system, download a copy of the state’s Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge application at Ohio was one of nine states that received an Early Learning Challenge Grant.

Updated December 2013


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